You Can Do This

Mom, I Don't Want to Zoom Today!

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Zoom calls are bad enough with adults….and now we expect 17 nine-year-olds to do this? Also, I don’t remember how to do algebra, what a semicolon is for, or what the capital of Kansas is. I’m a grown-up, that’s what I have an iPhone for. Seriously, I’m drowning here. If you’ve felt like this in the last couple of months, you’re not alone. Covid-19 has thrown all our normal school plans and rhythms out the window, and we’re scrambling to piece things together. Today we’re going to talk about the practical ins and outs of helping your kids navigate the craziness of a school year that nobody was ready for.

Hosted by Chuck Mingo and Kim Botto and Lena Schuler

Nov 12, 2020 18 mins 49 sec



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