September 17-19, 2021

Felicity, OH

2021 Registration is now closed

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Woman Camp: Unleashed

God wants to unleash you into power and the fullness of his plans and purpose for your life. You were not meant to be restrained or silenced. You were designed to be a strong force in this world—unleashed into your calling and operating in your gifting. You were made for greatness, and He has promised to pour out his Spirit on you. Come fight for your freedom and walk into the fullness of who God created you to be.

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What if I’ve never camped before?
Join the crowd! Many of us are newbies. Part of the fun and freedom comes from trying something adventurous and realizing you can do it. We’ll give you a packing list, camping tips, and your assigned Campsite Host will help prepare you. At camp, you’ll have plenty of time to figure out how to pitch a tent, keep a fire going, and accomplish this toe-dip into pioneer life. We believe in you.

How are campsites organized?
Campsites are groups of 6-8 women led by a Campsite Host. We send out a survey after registration closes that allows campsite hosts and campers to request their campsite. We do our very best to accommodate as many of these requests as possible. Regardless of who you end up with, there’s plenty of time to mingle—and Woman Camp is all about inclusion and community. So be prepared to meet new women and experience sweet freedom. 

What if I don’t know anybody going?
Perfect! Many women register and don’t know a soul. Camp becomes a place to find kindred women and share an experience with new friends. Also, before camp, your Campsite Host will connect you with your campsite and start the bonding.