How do I register for Woman Camp?

Visit crossroads.net/womancamp

How much does registration for Woman Camp cost? $69.99.

Can I get a refund after I register? No you can not.

Will there be alcohol at Woman Camp? Yes. While it is certainly not the focus, alcohol will be present.

Where is Woman Camp? On the Crossroads camp property: Base Camp! 435 acres in Neville, Ohio. Rolling hills, small ponds, gorgeous views.

What time is Woman Camp? Camp runs from 7am on Saturday until 1-2pm on Sunday.

How are campsites organized? Campsites are groups of 6-8 women led by a Campsite Host. We do our best to group people according to the Campsite Host they select during the registration process. If you choose “No preference” for your Campsite Host, we attempt to group women by geographic location. Regardless of who you end up with, there’s plenty of time to mingle—and Woman Camp is all about inclusion and community. So be prepared to meet new women and experience sweet freedom.

How will I get more details about camp? Your Campsite Host will connect with you directly via email. They’ll invite you and the other women in your campsite to meet up before Woman Camp—and that’s the perfect time to ask questions, make plans for who’s bringing and borrowing what, and to bond a bit before the experience itself.

Do I really have to sleep in a tent? Yep, truly. We’ll all be in tents. But before you write off tent-sleeping as too challenging, consider it’s only one night, you can bring a pillow and sleeping pad for extra padding, and it’s probably not as bad as you’re imagining. Besides, wouldn’t it feel good to try something new? We believe in you!

What if I don’t have a tent? Fear not! Once you get assigned to a campsite, you can work through that scenario. Women can share, borrow, and figure out solutions. Can’t pitch a tent? No worries. We’re learning, too.

Will there be restroom facilities? Yes! We’ll have port-a-lets, because while we’re keen to camp, let’s be honest—some stuff just isn’t worth the fight. But there’s also plenty of woods, and we encourage bravery.

What if I’m pregnant? Congratulations, mama. And you’re definitely still welcome to come! Use your best judgement on whether or not you want to sleep on the ground, and how far along you’ll be in your pregnancy. And please, please talk to your doctor ahead of time. Also, tell your Campsite Host. We’ll have volunteer medics on-site, but not a midwife.

Is there a hike? How fit do I need to be? We park our cars one mile from where we camp, so you’ll be walking in with all your gear. It’s rolling hills and a dirt road. But you can absolutely take your time and enjoy the solace of the morning hills. We bring in women of ALL shapes, sizes and fitness levels—so don’t let this element discourage you. However, if you have physical limitations or know you can’t make the mile walk, consider waiting until a future camp.

What’s the electricity situation? What if I’m a nursing mom? Campsites don’t have electricity, but we’ll have a generator and small area set aside for nursing moms who need to operate pumps. (However, it’s a pump-and-dump situation, unless you bring your own refrigeration/cooler.)

Can I bring my baby? Or leave camp to nurse and then come back? So sorry, but no. No babies or children for this experience. But there will be more Woman Camps! So if this isn’t the right time to be away from your child, try a later camp. We aren’t going anywhere.

So there’s a minimum age? Yep. 18.

How will I get there? Campsite Hosts will organize a carpool situation for your campsite group. (No buses.)

Is there flexibility to come and go? Can I be late? Sorry, but no. Once we’re at camp, we’re there to stay—unless there’s some unforeseen emergency. And no leaving early because it disrupts the experience for you and others.

Is it true? No cell phones? Very true. And even if it sounds painful, it’s probably going to become a huge gift.

I have a health or physical issue. Who can I talk to? Email womancamp@crossroads.net. We’ll do everything we can to make it work for you. But there are certain limitations—like not having electricity at the campsites or onsite refrigeration—that might make this event too challenging for your needs. We ask that you use your best discretion, and consider a future Woman Camp if need be.

What if I have an emergency? Or if my family has an emergency? We’ll have a medic team on site. We’ll also have an emergency phone number and a communications system in place—so if your family needs to reach you, they can. It will be OK.

What if I can’t carry my own gear? We get it. The hike can be a barrier for some. We’ve witnessed campsite groups rally around a woman from their group going through cancer treatment and they split up her gear between them and carried it for her as she walked in. If that is an option for you, we encourage you to lean on your team and invite them to serve by carrying your gear. Additionally if while walking in you become sick/too fatigued to continue the walk, you can sit on the side of the road and wait and we do have medics that will come to your aide. While we do have to prioritize our limited resources for emergencies, our medics will do their best to help those who need it for medical reasons. .

More questions? Email womancamp@crossroads.net OR wait until you get assigned a Campsite Host. Thanks!