Getting Ready for Woman Camp

Whether you’ve camped since you were a tot or this is your very first adventure sleeping under the stars, you'll fit in perfectly at Woman Camp! We’re all in this together, and it’ll be an awesome time for us to bond, try new things, and get closer to Jesus.

When we get closer to Woman Camp, you’ll get an email from your Campsite Host.
Campsite Hosts connect with their group a few weeks before camp to make plans for sharing supplies, answer questions, and build camaraderie for the adventure ahead! Your Campsite Host is your point of contact for all things Woman Camp. She'll contact the Woman Camp Lead Team if you have questions she can't answer. And remember, we've got these FAQs!

What to Pack

Here’s a list of what you need (and don’t need) to pack. Borrowing gear will be your best friend. No need to buy a bunch of new stuff. And pack like you have no one to impress. You really don’t.

One Backpack + One Duffel (or whatever you can haul in)
You will be hauling your gear from your car to your campsite. We recommend no more than one backpack and one duffel (or whatever you can carry). You'll be walking with all your gear for ONE MILE on a hilly gravel road, so please pack very lightly. We’ve seen lots of women get creative with this process. Feel free to bring a wagon, stroller, cooler with wheels, whatever you think would be most helpful.

Two main suggestions: If it is going to be cold. You want to stay dry and warm, so dress in layers. Bring extra wool socks, a warm jacket for night, and a rain layer. Bring comfortable, closed-toe shoes good for the woods. Water-resistant if possible. Rubber boots or shoes are a big bonus.

Wet Wipes are great to have along. Toothbrush, toothpaste, razors, makeup and beauty products are all optional. We’ll have port-a-lets, but no sinks or running water.

Individual Camping Gear
Every camper needs these things.

  • Two breakfasts (for Saturday and Sunday mornings), one lunch, plenty of snacks and drinks. (Water provided. Food ideas below.)
  • Headlamp or flashlight—cheap is fine!
  • Folding, lightweight camp chair
  • Sleeping bag (Cold-weather rated is best, if you have access to one.)
  • Blanket
  • Pad to go under your sleeping bag. Yoga mats work, too.
  • Water bottle. We’ll have water tanks for refills.
  • Travel coffee cup and coffee/tea supplies: something to boil water, instant coffee, creamer packets, etc.
  • Earplugs (definitely will help you sleep better)
  • Pen
  • White plate, white cloth napkin, metal fork and knife, and drinking glass (for dinner feast)
  • Work/garden gloves (helpful when handling firewood)

Group Camping Gear
These are things not everyone needs to bring individually. Plan for who’s bringing what in your pre-camp meeting with your Campsite Host.

  • Tents with rain flys, even if no rain predicted.
  • Plastic tarp/sheet to put under tent, even if no rain predicted. (Cheap is fine!)
  • Lighter or fire-starter
  • 1 large trash bag

What NOT to Bring

  • Anything that requires electricity (exception: breast pumps for nursing moms, since we'll have a hook-up)
  • Cell phones! Truly, no cell phones. You can leave them in your cars.
  • Heavy gear or supplies. Everyone walks a mile over gravel.

Food Detail

We’ll provide dinner and dessert on Saturday night—wine and non-alcoholic options included. Beyond that, you’ll need to bring your own food for lunch on Saturday, breakfast on Sunday and snacks for all the in-between times. If you have food allergies, please plan accordingly with some extras. Bring food that can be stored without refrigeration. Energy bars, jerky, cheese and crackers, nuts, bars, fruit snacks, granola, dried fruit, freeze dried foods, "Mountain House" meals...are all great options. Have fun with it!

10 easy and cheap camping meals
Some campfire recipes

Camping 101

  • Moisture is the enemy of comfort. Keep that in mind as you make choices. What gets wet, stays wet. Synthetics are better than cotton. Wool is fantastic.
  • Wear good, water-resistant shoes.
  • Do not place your tents or camping chairs too close to the fire, especially when you walk away! Sparks can reach tents, but heat cannot. And sparks can ruin a tent or start a wildfire quickly.
  • Always stake the tent down, even if it's not windy.
  • Always put on the rainfly securely, even if it doesn’t look like rain.
  • Always keep the doors zipped shut unless you are actively accessing the tent. You don’t want to sleep with critters and bugs.
  • Always place your tent on the most level ground you can find. The ground will not be level so place the “head” of your bedroll at the highest point.
  • Locate your headlamp and have it with you before dark. Keep it around your neck for easiest access.
  • Make sure anything you bring (clothes, gear, etc) is as versatile and multi-functional as possible. It is much better to bring 5 things than 25 things.
  • Put all trash into a trash bag immediately. Things will blow around and get scattered very quickly.
  • If you go to bed first, put in your earplugs. Tents do not block sound. The rest of your group should not be expected to get super quiet since you chose to call it a night.

Camp Location

420 Neville-Penn Schoolhouse Road. Neville (Felicity), OH 45120

Communications and Emergencies

We’re basically off the grid during Woman Camp—and because we want women to experience freedom and focus, it's a no cell phone weekend. Our leadership team will have an emergency phone system in place.

  • If there’s an emergency at home: Before you leave for Woman Camp, we'll give you an emergency number to share with your contacts.

  • If there’s an emergency at Woman Camp: We’ll have a volunteer medical response team at Base Camp, and we'll get you from the campsite to a hospital.