High School

(Current 8-12th graders)

July 13-17
The full cost of camp is $475

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Middle School

(Current 5-7th graders)

July 18-21

for students from Dayton, Mason, Oakley, and Oxford communities

July 23-26

for students from East Side, Florence, Georgetown, Lexington, Richmond, and West Side communities

The full cost of camp is $425

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camp faqs

Where is S|M Summer Camp?

A super sweet place called Camp Chautauqua in Miamisburg, Ohio (a little bit south of Dayton).

What’s the sleeping arrangement like?

Super sweet cabins and dorms where students and leaders will sleep. Yes, they are air conditioned!

What exactly happens all day?

What DOESN’T happen should be the real question! Watersports, bonfires, high-energy worship. You name it.

What is the food like?

Deliciousness served cafeteria style. If your kiddo has dietary restrictions, the camp chef will make every effort to provide options that meet your student’s needs.

Be a Leader at Camp

Camp leaders often get more out of camp than campers. Not to mention, the only way students can go to camp is if we have leaders, like you, who are excited to spend a fun (and free!) week at Camp. We’ll fully equip you to lead including training sessions prior to camp.

Be a Leader

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