I said yes to CAMP because I wanted to make a difference in students’ lives. I ate cafeteria food, slept in smelly cabins/bunks, ran around every second of the day, and even got hit in the nuts with a dodgeball (no joke it did happen). This was all worth it because I saw so many students experience God like never before.

CAMP was my first experience with Crossroads. It's crazy to think how God uses small moments of obedience to change us, saying yes was definitely one of them. That first year of CAMP I served as rec and stage hands–Doing basically anything asked of me and hanging out with middle school and high school kids all day. It was tiring, but I knew it was going to be worth it to see God move in these lives. Those two weeks of CAMP impacted me so much that I decided to help volunteer with Crossroads with their National Team.

That next year of CAMP was a crazy summer for me. I was heading into my junior year of college and at this point, I needed to start thinking of actual internships and getting connected for jobs. I had tons of chances to go somewhere else and do other things, but I remained faithful to God and stayed at Crossroads. I served that summer on production team at CAMP. Some of my favorite memories ever were experiencing hundreds of students worshipping God and singing their hearts out at CAMP. CAMP is a platform that God uses to impact students lives and even my own. CAMP helped me become so much closer to God and community at Crossroads.

It took a lot of energy and a lot of patience, but God refilled that with so many greater things. He gave me the gift of seeing hundreds of students be baptized and students come home and live out completely different lives. I served at CAMP on production team, something I knew little to nothing about. But I was still able to experience God and learn from the team around me. CAMP is the place to be this summer.


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