A Guide to the Spiritual Realm

The spiritual realm is a real thing, but it can often feel daunting. Where do you go for trustworthy answers? These resources have been handpicked to help you navigate through questions and concerns related to all things spiritual: angels, demons, heaven, hell, and more.

As you navigate this page, know this: God wins in the end, and nothing is as powerful as He is.

Podcast with Father Lampert

Senior Pastor Brian Tome sits down with Father Vincent Lampert, a Catholic priest and exorcist, to learn more about his approach to casting out demons and hear some of the stories of what it has looked like.

What does the Bible say about the devil?

The enemy is real, but what do we know about him and how he interacts with our minds and our world? See what the Bible has to say about it.

What Happens When You Die?

New York Times bestselling author John Burke aggressively brings clarity and understanding to one of life’s biggest questions in this weekend teaching based on his research.


Because we live in a broken world, there are some things that impact our lives and cause difficulty and hurt that may not be directly caused by spiritual warfare or demons. Check out some of these articles to explore whether what you're feeling or experiencing may fall in that category.


Crossroads Teaching Series


Are you looking for more direct spiritual counseling or conversation related to the spiritual realm? While these groups are not part of Crossroads, they are places that people within our community have found valuable assistance:

Bethel SOZO

Father Vincent Lampert
Exorcist, Archdiocese of Indianapolis

Fahrenkamp Ministries

Bear Creek Ranch