Do you ever wish you could just ask someone about all the random stuff you go through each week and get help? That’s what I’m going to do.

Each week I’m bringing a real, live situation up to Kyle, a mentor of mine who’s gone through all this stuff. I’m not just looking for the typical answer—I’m looking for a better answer through a faith perspective, and that’s what he’s going to help me with.

Listen in!

Hosted by Kyle Ranson


Episode 52: Why Do I Feel Like a Failure?

Episode 51: Jesus is Lord of All

Episode 50: Jesus is Our Mediator

Episode 49: Man of Sorrows

Episode 48: Jesus was Average Looking

Episode 47: Redeemer

Episode 46: Friend

Episode 45: Teacher

Episode 43: Cornerstone

Episode 42: Author of Life

Episode 41: Savior

Episode 40: Son of God

Episode 39: King of All Kings

Episode 38: Immanuel / God With Us

Episode 37: I Am the True Vine

Episode 34: I Am the Good Shepherd

Episode 33: I Am the Gate for the Sheep

Episode 32: I Am the Light of the World

Episode 31: I Am the Bread of Life

Episode 30: Stop Trying to Control Your Life

Episode 29: What is Repentance, Really?

Episode 27: Stop Beating Yourself Up

Episode 26: What is Real Love?

Episode 25: Love is an Action

Episode 23: What is Real Faith?

Episode 22: The Name God Gives You

Episode 21: Am I Gifted in Anything?

Episode 19: What is the Holy Spirit?

Episode 18: How to Change Your Life in 2023

Episode 15: How Do I Know God's Will?

Episode 14: Why Do I Feel So Unconfident?

Episode 13: How Do I Handle Conflict?

Episode 12: Why Should I Forgive?

Episode 10: How Do I Find My People?

Episode 9: Can I Trust the Bible?

Episode 7: Why Do I Trust Things that Harm Me?

Episode 6: What is Church Supposed to Be?

Episode 4: The Foundation of My Value

Episode 3: Do I Belong & What Is Shame?

Episode 2: How Do I Know What's True?

Episode 1: Why Am I So Stressed?