Building up the next generation of diverse leaders

The Leader Scholars Program seeks to equip the next generation of diverse leaders in the Church, from staff to the workplace, in families and small groups, serving locally and abroad. We do this by bringing together passionate young followers of Christ and maximize personal, spiritual and professional growth in communities from Columbus to Central Kentucky and Anywhere.

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“For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”
- Ephesians 2:10

Brian Wells

"Whether a young leader's path leads to full-time ministry or a marketplace career I can't think of a better one-year journey than the Scholar's program. Built on intense study of what works to build Christ-loving leaders of influence, it leverages teaching, mentoring, peer relationships, and internships for a rare experience thats both highly strategic and highly relational."
-Brian Wells

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About Us

This one-year leadership development program takes a multidisciplinary approach to build up the next generation of diverse leaders.

Here's the breakdown:

  • Large Group: Facilitated discussion solidifies Scholars' pre-group studies
  • Small Group: Guided community digs in for personal application, on alternate weeks of large group
  • Mentorship: Individualized discipleship speaking truth in love weekly
  • Visiting Fellows: Powerful discussion with dedicated leaders of secular industries or pastoral disciplines, taking the place of large group occasionally
  • Service Opportunities: Local outreach initiatives empowering Scholars’ leadership, servant-heart and partnership skills
  • Internship: Catered, paid part-time ministry experience on Crossroads staff
  • Adventure: Guaranteed fun and bonding. Anything from Scholars Camp or bowling to a Spring Break GO trip

Our Content

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We start by considering our Passion and Perseverance, followed by Personal Change and ending the year with Building a Well-Lived Joyful Life. Each component is inspired by the below materials respectively.

Time Commitment
Kicking off in late August and going through early May with occasional holiday breaks throughout. Every week, there are five basic hours expected from Scholars:

  • Two hours for large or small group and visiting fellows
  • Two hours for pre-group studies, community time or service opportunities
  • One hour of mentorship

Off and on time commitments include:

  • Adventures like camping or GO Trip (Plus driving depending on your location)
  • Internships range in dates from fall to summer and hours from 6 to 29 hours weekly depending on the Scholar and their ministry manager

We’re big on rapid-prototyping so all this said, time commitment and content is subject to change.

Meet the Team

Heidi Mallaley

Heidi Mallaley
Oxford Leader, Content Driver

A graduate of Miami University, Heidi continues to live in Oxford with her husband, Ross, their two daughters, Harper & Myla, and their dog, Harley. Heidi's role has shifted over the years from mentor to leading and caring for the Oxford Scholars plus coaching our facilitator and the mentors of the program. A former teacher, Heidi now stays home with their two girls, enjoying long walks around Oxford, curling up with a good book, and trying out new recipes in the kitchen.

Kit Carle

Kit Carle
Program Leader

A proud Scholar Alum herself, Kit lives in Clifton with her husband, Danny and doggo, Nitro. In the program, she manages our team and the program components outside of the weekly meetings and mentorship. Otherwise, she’s down to toss a frisbee, bake something epic, or grab a coffee around town.

Daniel Minera

Daniel Minera
Program Advisor

A few constants with Daniel are his genuine encouragement, positive energy, and grounded perspective. It’s how he leads our team and the National ReachOut team here at Crossroads. Outside of his job, he models Christ’s love as a great husband, father and neighbor to the community of College Hill and across Cincinnati. While coffee shops are fun, Daniel’s always on the hunt for the best tacos around.

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scholars example


August 2021 to May 2022

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Do you qualify? Well, are you...

  • A young adult? Think 18 to 25 years old, give or take
  • Following Christ?
  • Showing a potential for leadership?
  • Engaged at Crossroads? Or willing to commit for the course of the program? (Aren’t sure? Well, come explore who we are)

Following our July 11th deadline, we will still accept rolling applications. Please submit your application as soon as possible. The program kicks off on August 25th and we will not accept additional students after that date. .
Please email us at leaderscholars@crossroads.net for questions or updates on future opportunities.

Side note: Parents, please don’t apply for your kid. They’re adults. But still, tell them to do it.

Scholar Diversity

We want our Scholars to represent the Kingdom with diversity of ethnicity, gender, and personality. So we're doing something about it. We are actively pursuing ways to increase representation of Scholars and on staff.

Diversity in Leadership

Crossroads diversity is about more than percentages. It’s about having male and female voices from diverse backgrounds in positions of leadership. We believe we are called to be a multi-ethnic church and our pastors and leaders are living proof.

Check out our Crossroads Jobs Page for more about Staff Diversity, Diversity in Leadership, Foundational Beliefs, Culture and I Promise.

“After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb.”
- Revelation 7:9

Staff Diversity

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scholars example
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How’d it all start?
In 2016, Kathy Beechum, a strong leader and advocate in Crossroads, felt convicted to establish a pipeline program for diverse young leaders in ministry. With the funding in place, she gave full authority to an original Crossroads founder and current Crossroads Spiritual Board member, Brian Wells. After extensive research and content creation, Brian and his wife, Nancy, launched the Uptown and Oxford hubs in the fall of 2017. Ross and Heidi Mallaley stepped up locally in Oxford and have been caring well for that crew over the years.

What’s the timeline for the application through the rest of the program?

  • April: Applications go live
  • April-June: Rolling applications accepted followed by reference checks and interviews
  • July: Offers extended, internship and mentor matching begins
  • August: All onboarding completed for the end of August for the Kick-Off event
  • September-December: First semester of content, groups, mentoring, Visiting Fellows, service opportunities and adventure
  • Winter Break: Leader Check-ins, Solitude Reflection and rest
  • January-April: Second semester of content, groups, mentoring, Visiting Fellows, service opportunities and adventure
  • May: Conclusion of the program with celebration and debrief
  • May-July: Optional additional content during smaller summer track

Is everyone accepted into the program?
The short answer is no. Really, we take the admission process and our discernment very seriously. This program requires maturity, discipline, availability and a personal relationship with Christ. We want to set Scholars up for success in this demanding program. We also encourage individuals to reapply in future years with feedback.

How many scholars are enrolled in the program?
Around thirty but that’s all up to God.

What is the attendance policy for Scholars?
We work hard to support every scholar and collaborate for optimal time management. However, more than two unexcused absences is grounds for dismissal from the program.

Can I invite my friend to be part of Scholars?
Great question, you absolutely can! Please first consider a couple things. Do they fit the criteria listed? Would you personally go to bat for them?

How can I help support this amazing program?
So glad you asked! Please contact us at leaderscholars@crossroads.net- our needs vary from season to season but we always welcome the support!

Is Scholars a Crossroads thing?
Yes, Scholars is a part of Crossroads Church, submits to its leadership and serves as a pipeline for young leaders to staff.

Do you have to attend Crossroads to apply for Scholars?
Not to apply. All are welcome to apply. We ask folks new to Crossroads to explore who we are and check out the Seven Hills We Die On before applying. If you like what you see, great! Please apply and then during the interview, we will dig into the commitment to the program and engaging with Crossroads during it.

Are there scholarships available?
We strive to eliminate financial barriers for potential leaders. If you have concerns, please still apply and express this in the Financial Need section of the application. We will be able to explore what support could look like in the course of the interview.