This is the toughest job you'll ever love

We don’t have jobs, we have ministries — and ministries can be as difficult as they are rewarding. Working at Crossroads means running into the burning building rather than fleeing to safety. It means realizing there is a battle going on, and souls are on the line. The thousands of volunteers who make up this place are the real heroes. Our staff members are their guides. Together, we partner to chase after people from our neighborhoods to the ends of the earth.

Staff Diversity

We want our staff to represent the Kingdom with diversity of age, ethnicity, gender, and personality. So we're doing something about it. We are actively pursuing ways to increase representation on staff. Here is our current staff breakdown:

52% Male
48% Female

28% Ages 18-29
56% Ages 30-49
16% Ages 50+

11% African American
2% Asian
2% Hispanic
3% Two or More Races
82% White

41% Think Pineapple belongs on pizza

Diversity in Leadership

Staff diversity is about more than percentages. It’s about having male and female voices from diverse backgrounds in positions of leadership. We believe we are called to be a multi-ethnic church and our pastors and leaders are living proof.

Staff Diversity

Foundational Beliefs

We call them the seven hills we die on. Simply calling these “values” doesn’t cut it. All too commonly, values have come to signify mushy, sentimental ideals for which we rarely fight. As a church, we believe that if something is worth living for, it is worth dying for.

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Are you sure you want to work at Crossroads? Here is what you need to know.

We Run Hard

We know there is a battle going on, and souls are on the line. Working at Crossroads means acknowledging that fact, and being prepared to fight rather than flee. The thousands of volunteers who make up this place, believe—and they’re on the front lines. Our job is to support those heroes and help them chase after people from their neighborhoods to the ends of the earth. We work to introduce them to God in a way they understand.

We Give Generously

Being in ministry means sacrificing for others. We give our time, our resources, and our money. In fact, our staff contributes 8% to our overall budget. When you join staff at Crossroads, you agree to the biblical principle of at least a tithe (10% of your gross income) to fuel Crossroads.

We Die Everyday

Jesus said anyone who wants to follow him has to pick up their cross and die every day. When we walk in the door, our personal agendas go out the window. We put a premium on obedience to God, because that’s how we show we love him (John 14:15). The prerequisite for chasing Jesus is trading all of our own ambition and goals for his.

We Love One Another

Working at Crossroads allows you to live as the church with our community. As 1 Corinthians 12:26 says, if one of us suffers, we all suffer. If one of us is celebrating, we all celebrate. That looks like delivering food when one of us is sick, exchanging prayer requests, babysitting, partying together—anything that looks like God’s idea of church.

We Laugh (A Lot)

For real, we’re (appropriately?) irreverent. We still laugh at the same jokes we thought were funny in middle school. If you think fart jokes are immature, this definitely isn’t the place for you. If you don’t like smack talk—don’t join the March Madness office pool.

We Move Aggressively

If you want a roadmap, we don't have one. God doesn’t give us his whole plan, so we stand ready to change course at the drop of a dime. We live off the daily bread God provides and with the expectation that God will provide more tomorrow. If you’re hoping for weeks of supplies and a huge secret bank account, you will be disappointed. We believe it’s better to invest what God gives to us rather than horde it.

I Promise

As staff members we agree to abide by a set of standards. We promise these things to one another. Before applying, consider if these are promises you'd be willing to make to your teammates.

I Promise...
… to use the Bible as my ultimate standard of truth.
… to practice the spiritual disciplines.
… to receive truth.
… to pursue personal holiness.
… to go directly to the person.
… to trust those in authority.
… to follow-through on my commitments.
… to reach new people.


When God is calling us to action, our teammates need to be equipped to run fast. This means we offer ways to care for the spiritual, mental, physical and financial health of our staff and their families.

Medical Coverage
Mental Health Reimbursement Plan
FSA, DCA & Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangement
Daily Team Prayer
Dental Coverage
Disability Coverage
Vision Coverage
403B Retirement Plan
Life Insurance & Accident Coverage
Annual Day of Solitude Retreat
Monthly Gym Reimbursement
Addison's Mom's Famous Egg Nog Recipe

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