God used the desert to draw me closer

God used the desert to draw me closer

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I found myself in a desert.

I learned of Crossroads a year and a half ago when I discovered Brian Tome’s devotional ‘Move.’ I have since worked through the 66 days in the book three times.

I found myself in a difficult place after some personal challenges. My church of 25 years turned their back and my marriage of 29 years was falling apart. God placed me in a desert and the pruning process began.

Each day became a simple surrender to fully trust Him and be fully content with where He had me each day. He showed me that I had made mistakes but I was not a mistake. I was really looking forward to Man Camp in 2020, but we will all have to wait a bit longer for that to become a reality.

Sparing you a year and a half of details I can tell you that today God has blessed me in amazing ways and I’m closer to Him today than at any point of my 40-year journey as a believer in Jesus. It’s not easy and the journey continues each and every day. I’ve had amazing reconciliation with my three daughters and my son-in-law. I have a new career with a wonderful company where God clearly has me as His light. They know I’m ‘different’ and the company has experienced incredible blessing during my time there as one of their leaders.

All is not perfect, so the practice of ‘trust’ and ‘contentment’ continue daily. I found a local church that I serve at regularly, but it has been difficult to connect at a personal level during COVID-19.__ -Rob K.__

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