Serving with my son opened up a new career for me

Serving with my son opened up a new career for me

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With Covid and everything else going on, I had reached a tough spot financially. I reached out to some people in the Crossroads community for some help and they were very supportive, but there was an even bigger plan at work.

I have been part of Crossroads for a while but never really signed up to volunteer anywhere. Actually moving and taking action is hard, and I hadn’t done that until I signed my 6-year-old son and myself up for the Summer Snack Pack.

At the event we had a ton of fun packing boxes! While we were there, I heard about Childhood Food Solutions, one of the nonprofit partners distributing boxes to families in need. After the event, I went online to learn more about them and I sent an email asking about volunteering. Soon I heard back from Jen, the executive director, who said CFS was looking at hiring someone to help with distribution over the summer and asked if I would be interested. I had been trying to get a transportation service off the ground for a while – taking elderly people to appointments, delivering GrubHub orders, and doing some other one-off tasks – and CFS became my first big contract!

Now I drive a van the CFS rents packed with 240 meals in the back that I get to deliver to kids who need them. There will be 10,000 to 11,000 families getting these deliveries this summer.

I never thought something like this would happen from volunteering my time and moving when I’m supposed to move. I think this is just the beginning of what I’m called to do.__ -Malea B. __

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