Holiday Care

The holiday season can be a time of joy and celebration. We also know it comes with some added stress and pain. Here are some practical tips so you can finish the year strong.

Holiday Care with Chuck Mingo

The holidays can be challenging, but here at Crossroads, we want you to know that you are not alone. Check out this video and this page to help you move from a place of pain to a posture of hope.

Grief Community Night

On December 7, 6:30-8:30pm at Crossroads Oakley, join us for an evening of food, drink and community with others who have also experienced loss in their lives and hear how God can be with you during this holiday season.

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agressive life with brian tome
47 mins
Dr. Shantel Thomas—A Sound Mind Counseling

The holidays are coming—and for most Americans, that’s not a comforting thought. Dr. Shantel Thomas, President and CEO of A Sound Mind Counseling, helps point us to a better way. Don’t just survive the holidays, aggressively choose to thrive.



Nothing improves the mood like a great playlist. Crossroads has you covered. Play it loud.

Grief Community Night

December 7 6:30-8:30pm
Crossroads Oakley

The holidays rate high on the stress scale - even under normal circumstances. Add in grief and it's possible to experience a whole new level of hurt this holiday season. We want to change that. Join us for an evening of food, drink and community with others who have also experienced loss in their lives and hear how God can be with you during this season.

Serve Love for the Holidays

Crossroads is running after having no family in our community go hungry on Thanksgiving or be without a Christmas experience. Join us as we love our neighbors tangibly through providing Thanksgiving meals and Christmas gifts this holiday season.

Kick-off 2022 Strong

Study the Bible

There is something comforting about an ancient book that has brought hope and comfort to billions of people around the world for 4,000+ years. Of course, “reading the Bible” can be daunting. Here are some very practical topics and corresponding verses. Try choosing a couple and then meditating on them. You might be surprised by what God has to say to you.

View the Bible Verses

Talk to Someone

Crossroads isn’t some impersonal monolithic mega-church, it’s a group of people who care deeply for others. That includes you.


You can request prayer for anything you might be dealing with - no matter how big or small it may seem.

Request prayer


We’re here to listen and to point you to even more resources that will help you connect with God and others.

Chat with us


This is a more in-depth conversation with a trained pastor who can listen and pray with you on a deeper, more personal level.

Schedule a Talk appointment

* Please note Crossroads will be closed from December 25th through January 1st.
We encourage you to call 513.731.7400 and leave a message. Someone will follow up with you. In case of an extreme emergency call 911.