Hello, dear Campsite Hosts! This page includes:

Before Camp: Top 3 Responsibilities

  1. Email your guests right after our Training. Tell them how happy you are to have them in your campsite. Suggest two times that your campsite can meet, and then choose by majority. (We're emailing all Campsite Hosts the guest list PDF, so check your inbox...or email us at if you didn't get it.) 
  2. Respond to emails within 24 hours. Even if you don’t know the answer to your guest's questions, please email to say you’ll find out. It’ll help all women feel valued and at-ease right out of the gate. 
  3. Help women find gear and keep it very lightweight. We believe in borrowing, sharing, and keeping this whole thing cheap. For many women, buying a tent would break the bank. We also don’t want to break any backs! Encourage packing LIGHT. The mile walk is a true mile walk on hilly gravel ;) We'll have a medic on an ATV to help anyone who literally can't do the walk, but otherwise, we need you to encourage perseverance. 

During Camp: Top 3 Responsibilities

  1. Spark conversation. Ask open-ended questions (aka ones that can't be answered with "yes" or "no."). Ask questions that show you've been listening. Start the conversation, but don't hog it. Make lots of space.
  2. Draw out every voice. Help women speak. It’s super hard for many women to share, and even to be around a group of women. Intimidating! Bad experiences! We get to CHANGE THAT. Use names. Try one-on-one if group isn’t connecting.
  3. Be love. Serve your women. Help carry their gear, tell them the truth, laugh at yourself, share your coffee, make women feel 100% loved even if they are not easy, like-minded, or "deserving." Be a shepherd. Tend to all.

Extra FAQs

How are we getting to camp?
It's your job to arrange a carpool (two cars max) for your campsite. 

What if a camper wants/needs to drop out?
First, encourage her to stick with it! Some women will get nervous as we get closer to camp, and words of encouragement from a fellow camper will make a HUGE difference. If it's a serious medical/family situation, just tell her to email and we'll handle it from there.

What if I can’t reach a camper by email?
Definitely try by phone. If that doesn’t work, please let us know ASAP so we can try to follow up, check for address typos, etc.

Can we bring a cart for our gear?
Sure! Just keep in mind you're pulling the cart along a gravel road. It's doable and can help, but it's not a walk in the park ;)

Base Camp Address

420 Neville Penn Schoolhouse Road
Felicity (Neville), OH 45120

Digital Campsite Host Guide

(Print it if you’d like.) Click on the image below, and wa-la, it'll open.