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What if I don’t know what to do?


  • Are struggling with addiction
  • Are going through a divorce or deep marital problems
  • Are struggling financially
  • Are depressed or suicidal
  • Have some other big problem I feel unequipped to handle

We have groups for that. We also recommend counseling or listening appointments. Don’t tackle it alone.


  • Want more relationship than I can give
  • Want to join a huddle
  • Want to be trained in things I can’t speak to
  • Want to figure out their spiritual gifts
  • Want to figure out how they can get more connected

We can connect you. Email groups@crossroads.net for info.


  • Feel drained and not very connected to them
  • Get overwhelmed with something in their life or mine
  • Am not sure what to do with them

It happens. We have coaches and mentors who would love to help. Email coaching@crossroads.net for help.