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next big thing christmas edition

The Next Big Thing Christmas Spectacular

Grab a friend. Tune in. Win prizes.

The Next Big Thing is an interactive digital streaming event, with unique and unexpected ways to connect and engage...and maybe win ginormous prizes. The Next Big Thing Christmas Spectacular is happening on Friday, December 21 at 7:30pm.

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The Weekly

Be yourself, make friends and have authentic conversations about God.

6-8th grade students Check out MSM

9-12th grade students Check out HS

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High-energy, crazy-fun, life-changing summer opportunity for students. MSM Camp is for 5-7th graders. HS Camp is for 8-12th graders. Get more info at Registration is closed.


Interested in creating a fun and safe environment for students to connect with others and explore God? Click here to sign up. For more info about serving in student ministry you can also download the application

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