You were born to make a difference

Since the beginning, people at Crossroads have been reaching out and going where help is needed.
It’s in our DNA...and we’re not stopping anytime soon.

Life is too short to sit on the sidelines. So what are you going to change?

Change your neighborhoodChange the world

Change your

Transformation starts at home. Loading up a Thanksgiving Food Drive box, volunteering at a local prison, or helping clean up a local park– you can be a force for good in your ‘hood.
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Change the

Go on an adventure. Push your limits. Through GO Trips, as we call them around here, travel to places like South Africa, India, New Orleans, or Nicaragua and discover what you’re really made of.
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Try a Simple Serve in Your Community

Looking for an easy, simple way to make a difference? Try out Simple Serving. It's looking for and serving the practical needs of your neighborhood or community. You can find out more with the button below, including ideas for partner organization and volunteer ideas.

Learn more about Simple Serve

2020 GO Trips Have Opened

GO on a new adventure. 2020 GO Trips have opened. Change lives across the world, from Puerto Rico to South Africa to India. Each trip offers a different adventure, but all trips end with you making a profound impact on the locals and their community, a new perspective and appreciation of other cultures, and lasting friendships.

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