Armor of God (for older kids) | Kids' Club

What is the armor of God? And how do we use it?! Here’s a hint: it’s NOT just about metal swords and leather shields. It’s about how God equips us with what we need to follow him! Join us as we learn about this amazing armor, and how we can trust God to help us. After you’ve watched the video, use these convo starters to talk about it. Plus, download coloring pages and activity sheets.

Convo starters

  • What is the armor of God? Do we physically put armor on? Or is it something else?
  • What does it mean to have faith?
  • How does knowing what’s written in the Bible help us fight against things like lies, loneliness, anger, etc?
  • In school or sports or activities, how can you fight against the enemy when it comes in the form of bullying or peer pressure?

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May 21, 2021 20 mins