SPARK Talks 2019: Week 3

She thought near-death experiences could be explained by science until it happened to her. Dr. Mary Neal shares what happened when she drowned, went to heaven and came back to life. Jen Kendall looks different than most people. Hear about her experiences and why she wants your kids to go ahead and ask her the awkward questions.

Process, journal or discuss the themes of this article - here's a few questions to get the ball rolling...

Welcome to the Chaser—a few questions after the weekend service to start conversations. If this is your first time in a group, or your group has new members, take a few minutes and introduce yourself. Two truths and a lie is always a good place to start.

  1. When was the last time you rejoiced? (And by rejoice we mean shriek with joy!) Everybody share.

  2. Truly seeing someone different, a post-death experience, and the gift of a day. Which of this week’s talks stuck with you the most? And why?

  3. Do you think you have to make a choice between science and spirituality? Why or why not?

  4. Boredom, business and our burdens steal our days from us. Think back over your past week. How did these three thieves try to rob your days of joy?

  5. Get out some paper or your smartphone—it’s time to practice. Write out these three prompts: Receive the day. Return the day. Rejoice in the day. Then, take a moment and respond to each. Whatever comes to mind is fine. When everyone is done, share them out loud with the group.


Keep up that journaling for the rest of the week. Each day, respond to these prompts. Receive the day. Return the day. Rejoice in the day.

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Jul 13, 2019 58 mins 53 sec

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