SPARK Talks 2019: Week 1

Do you believe God is a healer? Do miracles happen? Why do some people get healed and others don’t? This week we have three very different stories about miracles and healing.

Process, journal or discuss the themes of this article - here's a few questions to get the ball rolling...

Welcome to the Chaser–a few questions after the weekend service to start conversations. If this is your first time in a group, or your group has new members, take a few minutes and introduce yourself. Two truths and a lie is always a good place to start.

  1. Spark Talks are all about sharing stories to encourage others. You’ve got 2 minutes each to give a quick Spark Talk about the best meal you’ve ever eaten. Ready? Go.

  2. This week we saw three very different stories of healing. Have you experienced or witnessed anything that you would describe as a miracle? Share it with the group.

  3. Is prayer a go-to-response, or a last resort when you’ve needed to be healed? Share why and what your experience has been with prayer.

  4. Is there something–an idea or an experience–that makes it hard to believe God will heal you or a loved one today? Go around and share. No judgement here. Be authentic.

  5. Now were going to be bold. Deep breath. Share where you need healing. It could be physical, emotional, or spiritual. Then, spend time praying for each member of your group to be healed.

    (Don’t worry if the person before you prayed what you were gonna pray. It takes persistence. Even for Jesus. So go for it. Just don’t spit in anyone’s eyes.)


Keep. Praying. Every day this week, spend time praying for healing for the members of your group. If someone experiences breakthrough or healing, let each other know! And let us know too. Email us at

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Jun 30, 2019 58 mins 48 sec

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