Too Long; Didn't Read

An irreverent look at a reverent book.

Too Long; Didn’t Read is an irreverent look at a reverent book… it’s a podcast about the The Bible. This season, we’re uncovering the stories you didn’t learn in preschool. These aren’t cute. There aren’t coloring pages for them. They’re violent; weird; scandalous. And they’re part of the Bible for a reason. Wonder why? So do we.

Hosted by Eric Ankenman and Mae Klingler


Episode 7: Timey Wimey Christmas

Episode 6: Woke Joe and the Murder King

Episode 5: We Three Astrologers?

Episode 4: A (Family) Tree and a Manger

Episode 3: Strange Lights in the Sky

Episode 2: Were You Born in a Barn?

Episode 1: Angels and Pregnant Fiancés

Episode 0: Season 2 - Two Minute Teaser

Episode 4: Balaam's Talking Donkey

Episode 3: Boy Band Breakups

Episode 2: Judah and the Lyin'

Episode 1: Ehud and the Fat King