Finding community changed my life

Finding community changed my life

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When I was growing up my Granny always wanted me to go to church and said it would be good for me. We went to church a lot, but I never felt like I really learned anything. Eventually as an adult I realized that I was missing church but struggled to find one I could relate to. Then I lost my dad, my dog, my Papaw and my Granny and started losing myself. That’s when I reached out to a friend who talked about his church and he invited me to Crossroads.

I went to Crossroads Georgetown for the first time in January 2021 and I’ve been every Sunday since then. Before I came to Crossroads I had one friend. Now I have a number of friends that I can’t even tell people. I help our community pastor out with projects on Fridays and help with everything I can on the weekends. Helping out has allowed me to get to know people and helped me come out of my shell. I’m not used to having so many friends and it has been a blessing because I have people I can reach out to on my bad days to help make me happy. When I’m helping, it’s fun because I give everyone a hard time to keep them on their toes and they do the same for me.

After I had been coming to Crossroads for a few weeks, my friend Mitch invited me to check out a small group that he hosts with his wife. They accepted me the first time I came and I get more and more out of it every time I go. Mitch also gives me a ride to church each week and we have great conversations.

I used to sit at home and do nothing. I was in a really bad mental state. The people around me have noticed a huge change in the past few months. When I told my therapist that I was going to church, he was jumping up and down because he was excited that I had found a community after all of the years he had been encouraging me to do so. My mom is really proud of me and always asks about church, and what I share about church helps encourage my friend Aaron through some of his dark days, too.

I used to think I was here for no reason, but now I know that’s not true. It may have only been a few months, but Crossroads was the light at the end of the tunnel that I needed. It helped me feel like I had a purpose and figure it out. I feel motivated for the first time. -Taylor W.

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