I was terrified of everything but God had a plan

I was terrified of everything but God had a plan

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Two years ago, I could barely leave my house. I was terrified of EVERYTHING. I had depression and anxiety and felt that my life served no purpose other than to be a mother and sometimes I felt like I wasn’t doing a great job at that. I felt helpless and as if I had no real solid relationships. Then Crossroads East Side opened and changed my life drastically.

I had been “attending” Crossroads online since December 2017 since I could not travel to Oakley, which was the next closest location. When I found out that East Side was opening it was a real prayer being answered. God was listening to me. He heard my struggles and He saw my tears. I attended the Christmas Eve service at East Side and immediately felt an overwhelming feeling of peace and being at home.

I began attending church every weekend and by February 2018 I was serving with the inclusion team in Kids’ Club. That is when my life changed completely. I found a solid group of people that were rooted in Christ and could help guide me in my own relationship. Those friends have become my family.

I have since been baptized, attended Woman Camp, attended services at Oakley and Uptown, helped with giving out boxes for our Thanksgiving Food Drive and still volunteer on our inclusion team almost weekly. I am able to actually go out to dinner with friends and to the grocery store without a panic attack. I have found the most needed relationship in my life and that is with God. When I felt as if I wasn’t living but only existing, He saved me.

He answered prayers. He still does. I am now able to be in large groups/crowds, I was even able to go on stage and help represent Kids’ Club, I am able to travel to places that weren’t even on my radar a year ago. I’ve also started leading a group of young adults. Each week I look forward to Sunday so I can worship Him who has saved me. I now know that God isn’t just with me when I am in His house but He is with me ALWAYS. He will never leave me and he will never forsake me. I now have the confidence and love and I have been searching for because I am His daughter. I am chosen. -Ashley H.

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