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Looking for help on how to manage your money? Here's a list of some of our favorite resources.

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Thrive financially and grow spiritually with this biblically-based approach to managing your finances. Everyone’s financial situation is different. That’s why FreedUp was designed to allow you to choose what you need most right now: to gain Stability in your finances, to find Clarity around where your money is going, or help building a Legacy. You take an assessment that suggests the right lane for you, but you ultimately get to choose.

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The Blessed Life

Culture is full of ideas, influencers, and suggestions on what it means to be blessed. But why are so many people who seem “blessed” living in absolute emptiness? God has a different way to look at blessings and he wants to show us the freedom that comes along with that. Join us as we explore what it really means to live a blessed life.

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The Aggressive Life Podcast

Robert Morris on the Aggressive Life Podcast
Everyone likes the idea of being generous… but very few people actually practice it. And then there’s Robert Morris. The pastor and author is an obvious exception to that rule. Brian flew out to Dallas to hear Robert’s incredible stories and to find the connection between aggression and generosity.

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Other Resources

Money is hard, whether you have a lot or a little of it. Hear from James M. Lenhoff, President of Wealthquest and host of The Rich Life Podcast.
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Hear from Chuck Mingo as he talks about how hacking money is about attitude not amounts.
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We can learn a lot from the pigs. We can build a financial life out of sticks and straw—or we can build with bricks by making wise financial choices.
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Freed-Up Financial Living Online
Transform your finances and your life and take the Financially Freed Up Living course with Good Sense.
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Teach Your Kids
Teach your kids about money. Get Kids' Club videos, discussion guides, and tips for parents on how to deal with money
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