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Finances can be stressful, no matter where you are in life or how much (or little) money you have. The good news is that you can escape the bondage of financial stress and experience the true freedom that God has for you. FreedUp is proven to help find real financial freedom and spiritual growth.

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Freedup FAQS

What is Freedup?
FreedUp is a stewardship training program. It offers culturally-current resources to help guide and equip believers to manage money in healthier ways, through Biblical wisdom. It’s for people in any financial situation, from in-debt to wealthy. The app addresses all the components of financial stewardship, including Earning, Giving, Saving, Spending, and Debt.

Is this a campaign to raise money?
No, FreedUp is not a financial campaign and does not ask for donations.

What does FreedUp cost?
FreedUp costs $19 per individual or couple. Once you register you have access to FreedUp for one year with code fru23crd19.

A FreedUp Story

Austin & Becca - a FreedUp Story

The big FreedUp idea - Lean into financial discipline and watch God show up and do amazing things. Watch this story about one family whose faith was emboldened—and whose foundation as a couple was made more secure—through discipline.

The FreedUp Weekend Series

freedup series


God wants you to experience financial and spiritual freedom. Learn how in the Crossroads Weekly series. It’s a great way to enhance the FreedUp App experience as we explore together the big ideas of financial stewardship, including Earning, Giving, Saving, Spending, and Debt.

FreedUp Resources

Get the FreedUp App

Individuals and couples can register to download the FreedUp App for $19 with code fru23crd19. After you register, your workbook will be mailed to you. Available for Android or iOS.


Doing FreedUp with your group, or with your friends makes the experience more rewarding. It’s completely optional. It doesn’t include awkward talks about your money, it’s a chance to talk about the weekly teachings together and grow spiritually. Anyone can act as a facilitator using the guide below.


Money is complicated, stressful, and all too often we feel trapped and powerless about it. This podcast is all about helping you experience the financial freedom and joy God has for you.