NOT a Camper. Wrecked and Amazed.

So let me first start by saying, I am NOT a camper. I was totally freaked out at the thought of not showering, not knowing where I would use the bathroom and most of all sleeping outside in a tent on the ground. Don't get me wrong: I am not afraid of getting dirty or working hard outside, but when I am finished with all of that I really enjoy a hot shower and my bed.

So as my husband and I sat in our car waiting to get into the camp I had an all-out panic attack....fear of the unknown and the feeling of having zero control of my life for the next two days. As I sat there trying not to crap my water resistant pants, my prayer was, “Lord remind me of why I am’s about growing closer to you and to my husband. Strip me down, and not let my BS get in the way of what you want to do this weekend in my life...and oh yeah please help me NOT to complain....AT ALL!”

I have to say one of my bigger fears going into this weekend was being cold and wet. That's where my head was. But as the night went on and we sang and listened to stories around the campfire and got to know our group my heart was filling up, and little by little, I didn't notice how cold or wet it was, only that I was leaning on my husband to show and teach me how to do camping things I had never done before, and we were doing it together. At one point he walked me to the woods and held onto me as I peed. He was literally taking care of me and I LOVED IT. From the solitude exercise to our Wine Time together, we growing and connecting in ways that would take a couple years of normal time together. We cried together (my husband DOES NOT cry) and laughed harder than we had in years. It was absolutely amazing! I was actually sad when it was time to go.

Not only is our marriage stronger for this experience, but sharing life with our group around a campfire was life changing. The raw conversations we had together and the growth I could see happening within a day or so was nothing other than God moving. The Holy Spirit showed up big time and my marriage and my personal walk is changed forever. I will never sing the songs we sang again without remembering all that happened at Couples Camp. And wow, the end the weekend with renewing our vows. Totally wrecked. I meant my vows the first time, but the second time I felt like God was right in the middle of it with us!