Crossroads Anywhere App FAQs

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Trouble Shooting Self-Serve Tips

Starting here could prevent you needing to reach-out for help

  • Have you downloaded the latest app version?
    If you look up the Crossroads Anywhere App in the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android), you will see the latest version released. You can find which version you have by looking at the bottom of your settings page.
  • Have you downloaded the latest OS (operating system) for your device?
    If you look up the Crossroads Anywhere App in the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android), you will see the required / compatible OS for the latest app version. You can check your device’s OS version within your phone’s settings.
  • After ensuring you have the latest versions of our app and OS for your device, have you cleared offline data in our app?
    You can locate the “Clear Offline Data” feature within the settings of the app. Clearing ensures that you have the latest data storing in your app for faster loading.
  • Need Password Reset Help?
    Click here -> for guidance in how to manage your account and profile.

Other Tips - How are you connecting to the internet to get data?

  • Make sure your phone does not have a VPN active - this can interfere with data access functions within the app
  • Try using the app while on WIFI-only - turn off your cellular data
  • Try using the app on a different wifi network - turn off your cellular data and ensure you’re on a differently named WIFI network
  • Try using the app while on cellular data-only (turn off your WIFI connection)

Still having trouble?
Send an email to and we will connect with you to help resolve your issue.

How to use

  • Do I need to be a member of the Crossroads Community to use?
    Nope, but you do need to create an account
  • How do I get to my settings?
    Select Profile at bottom right-hand corner then select the gear icon in the top right hand corner


  • Can I read or do I have access to the whole Bible in this app?
    No, the daily scripture is curated through-out the year. You can get access to other chapters of the book we are currently focusing on by going into Daily Scripture and selecting the book icon in the top-right-hand corner. From here you can choose any chapter of the book to read. For the extra-curious we threw in a BibleProject video of the current book in focus to easily break down what it’s all about.
  • Which version of the Bible does this scripture section use?


  • How do I create a journal?
    After reading scripture you can choose a verse to write a journal entry on or just add a journal entry at the bottom of the scripture reading to reflect on what you read.
  • Do I have to publicly share my journal entries?
    No. You can choose to share your journal entries with the public where your name and photo are visible to the community, or with your followers, or keep them private to just save to your history.
  • How do I read journal entries of people I follow?
    After reading the daily scripture and journaling (just do it already) you can click ‘shared by others’ at the bottom of the screen to review journal entries of people you follow and other community members.
  • How long are my journal entries stored?
  • Can I edit or delete my journal entry?
    Yes. Go to your profile tab at the bottom, find your recently added journal entry in the activity tab, then click the three-dots icon of the journal entry in the top-right-hand-corner. From here you can edit, share, unshare, or delete your entry entirely together.


  • How to add prayer?
    In the Daily Habit of “Pray for Others” you will be prompted to add a prayer yourself after praying for community members. You can also go to your profile tab at the bottom-right-hand-corner and at the top of your activity tab you will see your prayers. Select ‘See All’ to see all the prayers you’ve added to pray for them or add a new prayer for the day.


  • How do I manage my notifications for “x”?
    Navigate to your Profile tab (bottom-right-hand-corner), click the gear icon in the top-right-hand-corner, and then select “Manage Notifications” out of the list. Everything from announcements, your home site, streaks, guides, prayer team, stories, prayers, journals, chats, followers and email notifications / reminders can be adjusted here.


  • What are stories?
    This isn’t our version of TIkTok. Sharing stories is a powerful way to build community and learn from one another, and sharing the story of what God is doing in our lives, whether on a grand scale or in the smallest details, takes that to a whole new level because God commands us to do it because it has real power (see Revelation 12:11). Have you had a moment recently or in the past where all you could say is, “that was God”? We want to hear about what God has done in your life!
    Share Your Story
  • How long should my story be?
    Short and simple is plenty.


  • Where can I give within the app?
    There are multiple areas in the app where you can give.
    • Through your settings - Go to the Profile tab, click the gear icon in the top-right-hand corner and you will find the option to Give. Selecting Give will take you out of the app and direct you to our site. PushPay is designed to support ministries through a safe and secure digital experience.
  • Do you store my financial information?
    No, we do not store your financial information anywhere with the app or Crossroads.


  • Where do I view my streak progress?
    Under the salutation bar on the Home tab, you will see blocks that list out Sunday through Saturday. Click on the current day of the week to see your Daily Habit Progress. From here you will see a calendar view of what days you have completed at least one of your daily habits (read scripture, pray or practice gratitude). At the bottom of the progress page you can also see your current streak, your best streak and your total days you’ve completed daily habits in the app.
  • What contributes to my daily progress habit?
    Completing any one of the daily habit exercises: Reading Scripture, Praying for Others, or Practicing Gratitude are the main ways to achieve progress towards your daily streak. If you’re on the Prayer Team and serve to pray for our community in our app, you will also achieve progress towards your daily streak.

Widget (iPhone and iPad feature only)

  • What is a widget?
    With widgets, you get timely information from your favorite apps at a glance. You can use widgets on your Home Screen and Lock Screen to keep your favorite information at your fingertips. Or you can use widgets from Today View by swiping right from the Home Screen or Lock Screen.
  • How to add?
    Apple says it best check out this link to learn more:
  • What does the Crossroads Widget do?
    With the Crossroads Widget you can see your streak and the verse of the day on your Home Screen.