Join us for the first-ever Anywhere Weekend hosted in the city where it all started—Cincinnati, OH.

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Crossroads was started by 11 friends for people who had given up on church but not on God. 25 years later, there are tens of thousands of us literally spread out all over the world.

It’s amazing that we can be one Church no matter where we live. But wouldn’t it be nice to meet those amazing people from all over the world IN PERSON sometimes too?

Let’s do it.

We know it can be lonely if you’re the only one in your city. So we’re gathering for a powerful weekend packed with community-building, spiritual activation, and training on how to be the Church wherever you are.

It’s going to be 100% fun, 100% meaningful, 100% family-friendly, and 100% bad at math. All meals, experiences, and even childcare are on us. All you have to do is get here.

  • WHO:
    • For Anywhere community members who do not live within driving distance of a local site

  • WHAT:
    • Meet new friends. Learn “How To Crossroads Anywhere” with new experiences and ways to engage. Hear from key staff like Brian Tome, Kyle Ranson, Andy Reider and more. Experience Crossroads worship in person. Help us take over a professional baseball game. Hear what God may be wanting to do in you and YOUR city. (And get the best that Cincinnati has to offer—amazing food, free date night outs, custom-designed kid experiences, and more.)

  • WHERE:
    • Cincinnati, OH—We’ll meet in two different Crossroads locations. See recommended accommodations list in the FAQ below.

  • WHEN:
    • Friday night July 21-Sunday afternoon, July 23. Come as early as 4pm on Friday for an optional happy hour. We’ll officially start with dinner at 6pm on Friday and end Sunday afternoon at 2pm. (If your travel arrangements don’t allow you to make it the whole time, it’s OK to come late or leave early.)


Is this kid-friendly?
YES. A huge part of mastering life as a follower of Jesus with children is learning how to grow our kids spiritually. One of Anywhere’s big goals for the year ahead is training parents how to include our kids in our experiences with God. We’re dedicating intense focus to help you activate your kids spiritually AND we’re giving you lots of kid-free time to receive yourself.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Friday, we’ll start with a kid-friendly welcome happy hour and dinner. There will be mom-chosen food in a location that’s easy to keep your kids with you if you want, or hang with your kids in a space full of games and experiences designed to help your kids have a blast with others.
    • Dinner will wrap up by 7:30pm, so you can get your kids to bed if you have little ones, or we’re hosting a movie night with rooms for kids of different ages all equipped with a background-checked Kids Club volunteer who will let parents have some kid-free time.
  • Saturday, we’ll be at a Crossroads site all day. Some sessions are kid-friendly, and when it’s not, we’ll have an environment designed for them to have fun and learn about God. We’ll have indoor and outdoor time (so they won’t be cooped up all day.) We’ll even have dedicated nursing mom and napping baby rooms for anyone who needs it.
  • Sunday, we’ll just have breakfast together (kid-friendly) and then go to a Crossroads service. Kids can be checked into Kids Club. Then we’ll head to a kid-friendly restaurant within walking distance with an outdoor patio where they can run around.

Where will I stay?
If you want to be centrally located to all the events, check out hotels in the Rookwood area like The Residence Inn or The Rookwood Marriott Courtyard. If the cost of lodging is a barrier to come, or if you just want a more personal touch, we can also look for a Crossroads family to host you in their home. If you’re interested in that, email

What’s the schedule?*
  • Friday
    • 4-6pm - Optional Happy Hour (indoor and outdoor space, kid-friendly)
    • 6-7:30pm - Kick-Off Dinner (don’t miss it!)
    • 7:30-9pm - Dessert at the Reiders (kid-space or babysitters available)
  • Saturday
    • 8-9am - Optional breakfast at Crossroads Uptown
    • 9am - Worship + Session 1
    • 11am - Lunch break
    • 1pm - Session 2
    • 4pm - Optional Reds Game (Stadium Takeover) or break
    • 6pm - Dinner
    • 7:30pm - Parents’ Night Out (free babysitters available)
  • Sunday
    • 9am - Optional breakfast at Crossroads Oakley (kid-friendly)
    • 10:15am - Attend a Crossroads Service (kids can go to Kids Club)
    • 11:30am - Lunch and final session (kid-friendly)
    • 1pm - Close
*Schedule subject to slightly change

Is Cincinnati worth a trip?
OK, we know that Ohio is often a joke destination reference in a variety of sitcoms and rom-coms. But it is an AMAZING place! We have all the arts, sports, dining, and parks you could want. We hope to make your trip so fun, you might want to just come for vacation next time. :)

What’s covered? (And what if I can’t afford it?)
We will cover all food and provided experiences (Red’s game, babysitting, etc.).

If travel/lodging cost is an issue, email and let’s see if we can figure out some creative ways to make it work!