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Two homes, one team: Crossroads Anywhere group grows in community and number.

By Roxanna Swift

Crossroads started out with 11 friends who got together to create a place where their friends could connect with God in a language they could understand. Years later, the church has grown by tens of thousands of people, but the core components are still the same.

In Louisville, Kentucky, 15 people are creating a place for their friends to connect with God. The language is the same, the welcoming people is the same, the connection with God is there. But instead of someone in the room, the message is streamed through the internet onto a TV.

Ashley Sperzel and his wife, Melissa, are one of two couples in Louisville who host Crossroads in their home. Although Sperzel grew up in Louisville and knows many people in the area, neither he nor his wife knew any members of the group before getting involved. In fact, virtually none of the group members knew each other.

After watching Crossroads weekend messages on YouTube for years, Erin Emington White and a friend were thrilled when Crossroads began live-streaming services. A few social media posts later, they joined the Sperzels and a small, committed group began.

The group started as a gathering of six. Others in the area began reaching out and connecting. Two households now stream services Sunday mornings on opposite sides of town. The groups see themselves as one team, swapping hosting duties during vacations and coming together for events like GO Local.

While they’re relatively small in number, their size has allowed them to grow in depth as a team and a community. The group gets out of their living rooms for a service project or informal get-together every six weeks. Community members are taking notice and asking questions.

Zechariah 4:10 says, “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…”

In less than two years, they’ve grown and celebrated together—three engagements, two marriages, and one pregnancy, to name a few. These communities are just as much a part of Crossroads as any other. It’s not about growing in numbers—it’s about making a place where friends and neighbors can meet God and grow spiritually.

Crossroads is strong in Louisville. Roots are growing deep through simple commitment to a community.

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