Seriously, Camping?
Here’s Our WHY.

We camp because it’s so good—so critical—to get the hell out of dodge.

Think of all the noise and distractions piled onto your life (insert yours here). Can you imagine how freeing it feels to step into some literal, wide open space? Sleep under the stars, wander through a grove of trees, even cook a meal over a real fire?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never camped before—it doesn’t matter if you’ve never stepped foot off a sidewalk. Trust us, being in nature will unlock your soul in new ways. You’ll experience the true awakening that happens when you let go, surrender to the elements, meet adventurous new women, get out from under your routine, and step into an outdoor sanctuary with a God who adores you.

You need space to reconnect. Space to remember who you are and what you want out of life. Space to remember who you’re not. Space to be alongside other women who are processing the same things. Space to use your voice. (You can flat-out yell, if you want, or enjoy the silence.) You need space to run. Space to wander just for the sake of wandering. Space to cry your eyes out and laugh your heart out, next to women who are doing the same thing. Space to be you—even if you haven’t exactly figured out what that means, yet.

An outdoor awakening: this is why we camp. And why you should join us.