Mirrors of Truth

As I found myself walking into the woods for our time to be alone and reflect, I was guarded. I had heard the other women call it magical, stunning. Big words, but I immediately saw that they were true. It was absolutely enchanting. Mirrors hanging everywhere amongst the trees.

I stood and looked at myself for a long time in largest center mirror. Something that used to be hard for me. Hard for many of us, I suspect. But I couldn't stop staring. I felt lovely...with no makeup, no pretense. Just the "me" in the reflection. "I like her," I thought. Another smile.

Then I became one of the women walking out and I noticed that we got quiet as we crossed the threshold out of bright sunlight and into the green shadows. It was holy. We all knew it, even if we were surprised by it. An army of women marching past me on both sides!

"We are strong," I think and know it's true.