I Let Go of My Fear

My Woman Camp story starts long before Woman Camp.

My Woman Camp story starts long before Woman Camp. I was never "on board" with Woman Camp—I didn't want to go until I felt called. I didn't want to go just because it was another Crossroads thing to do. However...in April I was supposed get married. Two weeks before what would have been my wedding day, I went to my fiance and told him I didn't think I could get married. There was a lot of family stuff that came to the surface weeks before this decision and quite frankly, my fiance and I were just going through the motions of life and wedding planning and not connecting at all. We knew our story still wasn't over and the last 6 months tore down lies and vowed to break generational brokenness. We were in service when they announced the next Woman Camp and I told James "I think I'm supposed to go." The best part of that is we already had a trip planned for my birthday and I said, nope Woman Camp is more important. I went into camp knowing I wanted God to show up in a big way, specifically around our relationship and marriage. However, I had ZERO expectations. I am a control and planning freak. But I went into Woman Camp without that attitude. The moment we started making the walk into Base Camp, my heart already started to change. When we went into the large tent for worship and a message, I let every guard down and just listened for God. I heard very clearly...FEAR. Let go of fear. And I did. I came home from Woman Camp and told James I'm ready to get married. I want to marry him...and soon.