I Came Exhausted, Left Transformed

Two words: LIFE CHANGING. Although I could say 1,000 words more, I will chose those. I am a mother of 5 who was stuck in the everyday rut of life.

School drop offs, pickups, homework, sports every night of the week, work, keeping up the house. Nothing to better myself. Woman Camp was the best thing I could have done not only for myself, but for my family as well. See, I had just been skating through life, same routine another day. I grew up believing in God and the Kingdom of Heaven, but I had never "felt" God or "connected" with him, either. Saturday night while we were singing, I surrendered my life to Jesus. Sunday morning I slowly walked over to the Prayer Tent...something magical happened in there. I released stuff inside of me that I never knew was in there. I felt healed, renewed, a new woman!

The weeks since we've been home, I have felt God, heard him, and most importantly finally have the peace within me that I've been so desperately seeking my entire life. I wake up and soak in the dew. My life has made a beautiful transformation, and I thank Jesus and the powerful women behind Woman Camp for this new start to life.