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Crossroads isn’t just a church, it’s a movement of tens of thousands of people all over the country and the world, looking to go on a spiritual adventure. You can watch the Crossroads Weekly service right here online or the Crossroads Anywhere TV app.

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More about Crossroads Dayton

Meet Andy Reider

Andy is the Dayton Community Pastor. He loves people and adventure. He planted his first church at 17 and has been working in ministry ever since. He once rode on a solo motorcycle trip from Alaska to the southern tip of South America. While he loves music and motorcycles, the best things in his life are his wife, two daughters, and son.

Who are you guys?

Back in ‘95, eleven people got together to start a church for their friends who didn’t like church. Today, Crossroads is a movement of people meeting all over the country in person or digitally —and it’s just getting started. No memberships or awkward hand-holding, just unfiltered talk and biblical truth that’ll wake your soul.

The Book of Luke

Jesus made stuff up (aka stories called parables). What was he trying to teach us? Come explore the book of Luke. Dig into these stories and see how their timeless truths can change your life today.

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Streaming Platforms

The Crossroads Anywhere TV App brings church into your living room. It’s the best way to watch the Crossroads Weekly. Plus it’s full of content your entire family will love like Crossroads Music, Kids’ Club weekly teaching, and Spark Talks.

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Kids’ Club

A fun, welcoming, and safe experience designed just for kids to hear part of God’s Story in language they can understand.

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