The Weekend Follow-Up

The Weekend Follow-Up

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To The Birth Mother Of Our Unborn Child

  1. What stood out to you most about this article? Find a line or articulate the thought or feeling that most struck you. Sometimes those reactions are the beginning of hearing from God. Lean into it. See where it goes.

  2. What emotions came up reading this letter? Why?

  3. The impact of adoption is deeply powerful. So powerful that God uses that picture to describe how He adopts each of us into his family. There is no unwanted adoption. How does it feel to consider that God adopts us? That He waits for us, pursues us, even pays for us to be His children?

  4. Whether you are an adoptive mom or a mom giving their child to another family or reading from an entirely different perspective, what’s one way you can tap into the power of being God’s adopted kids? What’s one way you can bless an adoptive family or birth mom in your circles?

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