The Weekend Follow-Up

The Weekend Follow-Up

The Weekend Follow-Up is a set of discussion prompts to help your group unpack the weekend. Add Crossroads to your group chat in the Crossroads App to get a couple messages each week, all designed to help you move further and faster toward the full life you were made for.
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Welcome to the Weekend Follow-Up. The questions below are for the weekend of July 31 & Aug 1 2021.

  1. Would you rather go to space or travel to your favorite vacation spot?

  2. Read 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7. How do you see (or not see) the characteristics of love within yourself?

  3. Read 1 John 3:16-18. What’s a moment you’ve experienced sacrificial love in your life? Describe how that love impacted or changed you.

  4. Read 1 Corinthians 16:14. Love is more than feeling, it’s action. What’s a specific way you can love someone in your life this week?

  5. Now close your time in prayer. Here’s an example: “Jesus, thank you for giving your life for ours, for loving us. You not only saved us, you showed us what we are worthy of love. Give us the strength and the compassion to follow Your example. Help us understand Your love more. Examine our hearts and replace our human attitudes with attitudes of love. We love you Jesus. Amen.

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Read John 1:14. At Crossroads we’re about the power of God who transforms lives. Everyday we’re getting outside ourselves trying to make a difference in the world. One way we do this is partnering with organizations who literally are changing the world everyday. If you want to jump in and start giving risk free, you can try the 90 day tithe test here. To hear more about God’s love, you can listen to our new worship song “Unbreakable.

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