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Your Role

Your goal is to help people process their Wayfinder results. Wayfinder is designed to trigger a deeper relationship. Depending on the level of relationship and readiness, hearing a next step from God may be all they want. That conversation could also lead to a discipling relationship. And if you’re up for it, we hope it does!

You don’t need to be perfect.

At all. You’re doing this right if you’re sharing your mistakes often. Whatever your life looks like, give them access. Whatever you’re learning from God, let them in. Where you’re failing, model how to turn around. Share how people in your life help you grow.

This will be hard at times.

You’ll have doubt. They will too. You’ll mess up, and you’ll be frustrated with the ways they mess up. You’ll have to forgive, trust, and pursue each other. Your role as the leader in this relationship is to go first: forgive, trust, model humility, lay down your life first.

On days you’re not sure what to do...

Pray for them. Ask God where he wants to set them free. Consider how to activate their gifts. Listen to their dreams for their life, the burdens on their heart, the things they’re processing. Take it one step at a time.

Some Options

You’re busy. You have a lot going on. What if you don’t have much time to give? And what if you still have a lot you’re figuring out? No worries. Based on where you are, you’ve got options for how deep you can dive into this.

At the very least, you can guide them.

Someone who can look at the spiritual landscape and offer guidance based on the life of Jesus. You read the Bible, and pass it on. They share what’s going on in their life, and you help them listen to God about where to go next. You only have to be one step ahead of them spiritually to help. Even if you can’t answer every question, you can listen and point to another resource that can help.

Like a GPS, you’ll give some directions as best you can.

You can go a little deeper and be a model.

Someone who makes their life accessible, because spiritual depth is more effective when caught rather than taught. Give them enough access to imitate you. Invite them to your place for dinner. Let them join you at gym in the morning. Receive their extra hands getting the kids ready for bed. Let them come along with your friends at your weekly happy hour. Just be together. Make your real life visible so they can see how someone further along handles life’s day-to-day rhythms, struggles, and celebrations.

You’ll show them the routes you’re taking, offering all the struggles, breakthroughs, and learnings you’ve experienced on your journey.

Go all in, become a spiritual parent.

Similar to how a parent has long-term vision for their child, a spiritual parent helps their kid grow into a spiritual parent someday themselves. They make that person’s life, freedom, and maturity their problem. No parent meets every need on their own, but they take it on themselves to make sure every need is met. Parents provide the most growth one can get, whether is for the long haul or just more intensely for a season of life. 

You’ll be in for the long haul helping them realize their spiritual destination—equipping, leading, and serving you as you go.


You don't necessarily get to choose which role you take on for each person that is looking to you. In fact, if you push too far at the wrong time, you push disciples/potential disciples away. Maybe they aren't asking for a parent, and they just want a guide.

Maybe you’ll have three people that want to follow you, and you have three different relationships (guiding one, modeling to another, and parenting another). Great. Whatever works for you and them—go for it. You’ll also just connect with some more than others. It’s okay to just guide some, and invite others in more. You may feel strongly about investing heavily now but not forever. That’s totally cool. Only lead where God leads you.