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How to Naturally Integrate Discipleship into Your Life

The most practical, lightweight way is to share your availability by inviting people into your normal life. If you try to create too many new environments just for them, it gets heavy and exhausting.

Seeing you in your everyday is more transformational than watching you teach a Bible study. Being invited into the culture of your home leaves a much deeper impression than reading a book together.

Ask clear questions about what they expect and hope to receive from your relationship. Let it evolve naturally — check in and revise as needed.

The beauty is that this is totally relational. So if you have two people you’re discipling, they can both come. If you have a family at home, you don’t have to leave them to invest in someone else. It’s actually better if you don’t so you’re not spread so thin, having to prepare something special for several different audiences. It’s much simpler, more sustainable, and can become part of your lifestyle.

Here’s a bunch of ideas of how this might naturally fit into things you’re already doing (or want to do):

  • Talk on the phone on your commute to work
  • Have them join you for lunch or dinner on some regular rhythm. (Everybody has to eat!)
  • Work out together at the gym.
  • Invite them to shadow your quiet time with God. (“I’ll probably be in my PJs. I won’t have prepared anything, but I’ll have coffee and you’re welcome to watch how I meet with God.”)
  • Hang out with you and your family or friends on Sabbath
  • Let them help you lead something (even if they’re just helping with logistics or setting up a room)
  • Have a text thread for questions or prayer requests
  • Invite them to help when you clean the house, walk the dog, or give the kids a bath
  • Set aside a night a month where anyone you’re building into knows they can come over
  • See if they’re up for babysitting your kids so you and your spouse can have a date night, and you can chat about their spiritual life before or after
  • Go to weekend services together. Carpool or eat together before or after for extra talk time.
  • Serve somewhere together.
  • Play a sport together.