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Leading from Here to There

To lead someone well, you need three things:

  1. Know where they are.
  2. Know where they’re going.
  3. Find the next step (one at a time).

Wayfinder results help identify "where they are". Replicating the life of Jesus is where we're all going, but considering it's a lifelong journey, it can be unclear how to get there. Your job is to help someone move one step at a time. This requires discernment: .

Say you see lots of “opportunity areas.” Pointing them all out at once isn't the right idea. In fact, pointing them out at all might not be the right call. As guides, we want to grow in discerning what's best for people, but the ultimate win is teaching our person to hear from God on their own.

What makes this work is both of you leaning in to hear and receive from God. They'll grow, but so will you as the leader. When in doubt, listen together. If all you ever do is tell them what to do, all they’ll know how to do is rely on you. Teach them to learn to hear from God instead. When you’re not sure what to do or say, you can always say, “What do you think God is saying about that?” Then find the answer together. It makes your job easy and leads to a better place. Win-win.