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The Goal of Wayfinder

Wayfinder exists to stir an encounter with God and offer next steps to go to a new place with him. To point us to the only One who can lead us into the life we were made for. Our story is about Him—knowing Him, getting free, and passing that freedom on to others.

The people coming to you may feel a variety of pressures or temptations. They may want to get to “producer” as fast as they can, or they may resist the idea of growth altogether. Your job is to simply point them back to a relationship with God. You can be a voice of truth and grace, shutting down shortcut-searching, box-checking, and self-help thinking. Breakthrough is surrender, trust, receiving, and relationship. Striving, shame, fear, self-reliance, and religion don’t actually get us anywhere.

God sent Jesus as an example of the life we were made to live. He said: I am the way, the truth and the life. He warned us how the way can be hard to find.

The more each of us tap into encountering Jesus, the more the Church can become who we were meant to be, the contagious force of love, truth, and grace that saves, heals, and transforms people. Wayfinder gives people some next steps, and a personal guide walking alongside them is critical to success. That’s you.