What is the Wayfinder?
An interactive tool to use with your Crossroads Group or a spiritual mentor to process where you’re at, spiritually and holistically, and then inspire you to move into new-and-richer territory with God.

How does the Wayfinder work?
You’ll answer 100 quick questions exploring where you’re at in the areas of spiritual identity, biblical truth, relationships with others, physical health and financial freedom—meant to help spark ideas and action steps God might have for you. After you go through the experience, you spend time with a spiritual mentor or your Crossroads Group talking about what stood out and what next move you’re going to take.

Do I need a Group to take Wayfinder?
You’ll want either a Crossroads Group (crossroads.net/groups) or a trusted spiritual mentor to process your experience. It’s way more effective to invite others into this process—to help you see blind spots, suggest direction and hold you accountable to the vision God has for you.

How often should I take the Wayfinder?
We expect you’ll be prompted in ways that are big, so you won’t want or need to take it too often. But every nine to 12 months or so is a great rhythm to take it again. Each round will provide deeper insight, fresh perspective, and new challenges help you keep growing over the long haul.

Who will see my answers?
Not a soul. If you’re in a Group, you’ll have the chance to talk about what stood out to you, and you can share whatever you want with your Group Leader, spiritual mentor, etc. But that’s up to you.

I’ve never “heard” God, how might that work?
It could feel like a ping, or an internal nudge. You might sense God is trying to get your attention about something, or that you can’t shake a thought because he’s wanting you to dig into it or talk to someone about it.

What do you mean by “spiritual growth”?
Moving into an ever-deepening relationship with God.

How do I find a Guide / Mentor / Group Leader / Spiritual Parent?
Start with your Group Leader as a guide first. They signed up to lead for exactly this sort of thing. Ask them to guide/mentor/lead/parent you (depending on your comfort level and interest) or to help you find someone else. They have a coach and a network of resources they can share, so they’re a perfect starting point. Don't have a group? No problem. We'll help get you connected. Send us an email at groups@crossroads.net.

Is there a difference between the above? (Guide / Mentor / Group Leader / Spiritual Parent)
They all fill a similar role, but think of them on a spectrum of varying depths and how much you connect. Guides are around to point out a next step when you need it. Mentors have expertise in the area you want to grow and are willing to train you in it. Group Leaders care to call the best out of you, connect you to any resources you need, and create a vibrant community to grow and thrive within. Spiritual Parents are more holistic. They’re in it for the long haul with you. Like a parent cares to see their kid grow up and reproduce their own healthy life, spiritual parents partner with you more deeply to help your faith become one that reproduces in others too.

I’m not sure what I believe about God / Jesus / Church stuff, should I still do this?
For sure. This will spark all sorts of questions and ideas to explore what you believe. Give it a try, and see where it goes.