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Applying SRFP to any Area of Life

Want to see people get healed? Go back to the beginning.
Seek the Holy Spirit and the faith to pray for miracles. Receive the Spirit’s power. Believe that Jesus meant what he said. Then follow by practicing again and again until you start to see it happen.

Get hit with a crisis that rocks your world? Go back to the beginning.
Seek the Lord. Ask him what’s happening. Let him lead your heart and interpret your circumstances. Receive what he says. Wrestle with it. Talk it through with God and others. Rely on him—relationally, physically, emotionally. Cast your cares on Him. Weep with Him. Receive even in the suffering. Then follow by worshipping even in the midst of struggle, praising him despite the pain, trusting him in the face of what feels like abandonment. See if something beautiful doesn’t emerge on the other side.

Struggling to forgive someone? Go back to the beginning.
Seek God’s heart about forgiveness. Learn everything you can about it, and personalize it. Remember His forgiveness for you. Receive it deeply. Let it soften you. Then whether you feel it or not, follow by speaking forgiveness over the person anyway. Bless them out loud in obedience. Not because you feel like it, but because you’re trusting God and following his command to forgive. Often obedience comes before understanding. We have to do before we feel, but if it’s rooted in having sought God and received him first, it does become easier.

The more you practice the cycle, the stronger you’ll get at it. The more you’ll grow. The stronger your people will grow.