Weekend Production

We create the immersive environments at all of our sites for the weekend services. Lights, cameras, LED walls, lyrics, thundering sound, etc. If you like a fast paced, professional quality production, we’re looking for you. Don’t have any experience? No worries, we’ll train you!


Whether you’re an Audio engineer or a complete n00b, we need people that care about how this place sounds. Jump in and wrap some cables, or learn to run the audio console!


If you’ve ever wanted to operate a camera, run lyrics for the band, or you just like the high speed, thrilling pace of live production, join our video team!

Lighting Design

We use professional level lighting systems to create beautiful, immersive environments for people to feel at home. If this feels like bread to your butter, jump into the Lighting Design team!

Stage Team

It takes a small army to build our stage sets. If swinging hammers, turning wrenches, and 80’s rock music blaring in the background sounds like your happy place, this is the team for you!