Behind the Scenes

Help people experience God, often for the first time.

Not everything happens under spotlight. Think Emerald City and a bunch of tiny wizards. Wizards who count beans, unlock computers and stuff communion bags so that every person who sits down in the auditorium can decide if they’re ready to experience God and then get to. Think about that wizard.


Though small in number, these volunteers deal with the big green. Some meet monthly to literally count bills, some assist during business hours doing data entry, and others, with financial expertise, consult people on budgeting, getting out of debt and how we can follow God’s plan while managing our money. We do feel a weight in the finance area to safeguard Crossroads’ assets and maximize the return for the Kingdom of the money that is temporarily entrusted to us. As such, we can only take on volunteers who are actively engaged financially in the mission at Crossroads. (OK, and it probably goes without saying that we need to see your track record first. If it includes strange bouts of gambling…well). SIGN UP.

Oakley PM & Administration

Help support the Oakley staff with project management and administrative tasks. Flexible serve times during the week and weekends, on an individual basis. Serving would include activities like printing material, assembling event supplies, decorating for events, ordering supplies and catering for the Oakley site ministries, misc. office tasks, etc. SIGN UP.