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Be a part of something big, while making this big place small, through volunteering. You’ll grow in relationships and you’ll feel good knowing as little as a few hours a month can change the world (and you). Whether you want to volunteer inside Crossroads, on our city streets, or in another country, we have exciting ways for you to get involved.

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You have more than you think to offer as a Guide. Help people virtually by praying, connecting, and guiding them to the next step in their spiritual adventure.

kids' club

Kids' Club

Engage kids, welcome families, build a tower with a toddler, change the world one kid at a time.

first impressions

First Impressions

Greet people, hold doors, make coffee, park cars, keep the building shiny, spread the love.

student ministry

Student Ministry

Connect with students, play Gaga ball, have fun, build meaningful relationships.

weekend production team

Weekend Production

Lights, cameras, LED walls, lyrics, thundering sound, etc.

music team

Music Team

Musicians, vocalists, lyricists, ambience-creators: we're always auditioning and finding new sound.

spiritual growth

Spiritual Growth

Baptize people. Serve communion.



Step to lead an Onsite Group at your Crossroads site.

community care

Community Care

Pray with people, build into marriages, assist in chapel events.

Site Social Media

Site Social Media

Help us capture how God is moving at our sites to share on the ‘gram. No selfies (or social media experience) required.

spiritual growth


Change your neighborhood or change the world. You were born to make a difference.

Volunteer at basecamp

Base Camp

Join us the third Saturday of the month as we work together to maintain the land and grow in community.

creative arts

Creative Arts

If you love creative communication, whether that's Video editing, Acting, or Designing sweet graphics, we'll find a way to get you involved.

usability testing

Usability Testing

Provide feedback to the digital design team by participating in design reviews, surveys, research, and usability testing.

usability testing

Data and Insights Volunteer

Want to volunteer remotely? Puzzles, spreadsheets, and data entry and clean-up more your speed? The data and insights team has a place just for you.



Support with finance, project management, and administrative work.