Community Pastor Changes

Big changes are coming to Crossroads. We’ve prayerfully considered what God is saying, what’s best for the community, and what’s best for the leaders that God is calling. Watch Brian’s video to learn about the changes.

Hear From your Community Pastor


What is a teaching pastor?
Crossroads currently has four teaching pastors - Brain Tome, Chuck Mingo, Alli Patterson and Kyle Ranson. Teaching pastors are the people who typically deliver the weekend message that is shared with the Crossroads community, whether from a stage or on location via video.
What is a community pastor?
Community pastors lead and care for the people at and surrounding specific Crossroads sites. Each of our 11 physical locations and our Anywhere community have community pastors.
Does Greg moving to Oakley mean that he will be a teaching pastor?
Greg isn’t planning to be a teaching pastor at this time.
Is Chuck running for mayor?
Wouldn’t he be a great candidate! But no, Chuck doesn’t have any plans to run for office right now.
Will there be opportunities to get to know my new CP?
Visit your site’s page on to read about your new CP. Also, if you don’t receive a CP email each Thursday, fill out your information in the box on your site’s page that says “Stay in the know.”
East Side Site Page
Oakley Site Page
Anywhere Site Page
Will this change impact the diversity and racial justice initiatives at Crossroads?
Crossroads is committed to supporting UNDIVIDED and its racial justice work as our organizations become individual entities. We believe that inequality is something that breaks God’s heart and it breaks ours, too. We’re excited for the work Chuck and the UNDIVIDED team will do as well as ongoing efforts from Crossroads itself that will propel the mission of equality.
How do I get involved with UNDIVIDED?
Love your heart. Check out to learn more about what UNDIVIDED is up to and how you can jump in.
Can you explain Crossroads’ view of women in church leadership?
Women and men may hold positions of leadership in Crossroads Church if they are called and gifted, which is affirmed and approved by our Spiritual Board.
If I have more questions, who do I ask?
You can click on the chat button on your screen to connect with our team and learn more.