Brian answers the most frequently asked questions about tithing
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Should I tithe if I’m in debt?

Why must the tithe go to the local church and not other kingdom endeavors? What if I don’t agree with how my local church spends money?

Why gross versus net?

If I can’t financially make the ten percent work now—debt, college kid living off of loans, hospital bills, new business startup—but I want to work towards it, does starting the tithe at one percent or five percent mean the rest of my money is cursed? Basically, is it better to not tithe at all until I can give ten percent?

What do I do if I’m unemployed?

What if I’m living off of social security or disability? Didn’t I already tithe on that money?

My husband/spouse doesn’t want to tithe, but I do. How do I honor my spouse and God at the same time?

If I have a business and pay myself from the business, what do I tithe on—my business profit or the income I take home from my business?

What do blessings look like?

Should I tithe on gifts—like wedding gifts?

Should I tithe on my portfolio increases or just when I take money out?

What does it mean to be a cheerful giver?