Thanksgiving Food Drive FAQS

  • What is the TFD box shopping list?

    • 1 F-R-O-Z-E-N turkey, 12-18 lbs
      • Except for our Columbus community. Please do not bring a frozen turkey or a roasting pan. Instead, we need (1) $20 gift card to Giant Eagle or Kroger.
    • 5-10 lbs baking potatoes or sweet potatoes
    • 1-2 lbs carrots
    • 2-3 cans corn
    • 2-3 cans green beans
    • 2-3 cans peas
    • 2-3 cans peaches
    • 2-3 cans pineapple
    • 2-3 cans fruit cocktail
    • 2 boxes Stovetop Stuffing (or equivalent)
    • 2 cans of canned cranberry sauce
    • 1 package gravy mix (NO GLASS)
    • 1 package dinner rolls or bread mix
    • 1 package dessert mix
    • 1 large disposable roasting pan (for the turkey)

  • What is the pantry box list?
    It’s taped to your box! The list varies depending on food pantry needs so your list is unique, just like you!

  • How much does it cost to fill a TFD box?
    Depending on your grocery, the average cost we estimate to fill a TFD box is $50-60.

  • Can I bring the box back early? I’ll be out of town, busy, or something else.
    Unfortunately no, we have items that need to remain frozen so we really need to receive full boxes the day of. Plus we’d need a ton of extra storage (organizations that receive the boxes generally get the boxes the same day).

  • Does my turkey really have to be frozen?
    Yes!! This is because of food safety! Food drop off and pick up takes hours and we cannot give people thawed turkeys that have been out for hours for their safety.

  • I see cake mix on the list, but what if people don't have eggs?
    How thoughtful of you! They likely will, but grab a muffin mix package instead! It only requires water.

  • Can I add something extra to the box? I really want to!
    That is incredibly generous, and our recipients anticipate getting exactly what's in the box. Because of plans already made and for quality control to assure all recipients are receiving the same items (equal blessing) please refrain from adding anything extra to the box.

  • My family needs some help this season. Can I get a filled Thanksgiving meal box?
    If you are in need of a Thanksgiving meal this holiday, we would love to come alongside you. Click here to let us know who you are and someone will be in touch soon.

  • How can my business get involved?
    If you are a business/organization and want to fill 25 or more boxes, please email for more information about how to get involved.

  • I know someone who needs help. What can I do?
    You are the church! If you know someone in need, follow the steps below to care for your neighbor. You can do it!

    • Start by having a conversation, don’t assume they need a box. Afterall, TFD is more than a box.
    • If groceries are needed, great, hit up the grocery store. You could use our TFD shopping list, or make a personalized grocery list based on the items that you know they like. If the need is a warm home cooked meal, extra time, on their hands, and/or community this can all be solved by inviting them over to your Thanksgiving dinner. (Jesus tip: you don’t have to know someone to invite them to your table “I was a stranger and you invited me in.” Matthew 25:35)
    • Whatever you do, be sure to encourage them. Affirm the significance of their relationship to you. Affirm what is Godly that you see in them. And affirm them in the hope of Jesus Christ.