Camp FAQ

What, when, where and who:

What is Camp?
Camp is a 5 day summer camp where students will have all the things that make camp awesome: ziplines, watersports,high-energy worship and all sorts of other fun surprises. Camp will also include the modern conveniences (running water, dorms for sleeping and hot meals) that students appreciate.

Who can go?
Students who will complete 5-7th grade in the 2018-2019 school year will go to MSM Camp; Students who will complete 8-12th grade in the 2018-2019 school year will go to HS Camp. All students in these age groups are invited to attend. You do not need to attend Crossroads.

When is camp?
HS Camp is June 10–14 for students from all communities.
MSM Camp is July 8-12 for students from Andover, Florence, Georgetown, Oakley, and Richmond communities.
MSM Camp is July 15-19 for students from Dayton, East Side, Mason, Oxford, and West Side communities.

Where is Camp?
Camp will be at Camp Chautauqua in Miamisburg, OH.

Can my student bring a friend?
Yes, we encourage students to invite friends, as long as they are in the appropriate grade for the Camp your student is attending.


General questions:

My 8th grade student wants to go to MSM Camp, can they? Or can my student attend a Camp that is not for their age group?
The short answer is no. At the time of Camp, current 8th grade students will have moved to the HS ministry. Camp will help foster that transition. We want students to have that common Camp experience with people they’ll be spending the most time with at church and school. HS Camp is for students who will complete grades 8-12 this school year. MSM Camp is for students who will complete grades 5-7 this school year.

My student takes medicine or has allergies. How is that handled?
You will have the opportunity to provide information about medication and allergies when you sign your student up for Camp. The Camp nurse will oversee medication distribution and treatment of environmental allergies. The chef at Camp will be provided with information about food allergies and will make every effort to provide options that are allergy free. If your student needs to bring special food to Camp, there will be a refrigerator and microwave available for their use.

Who are the chaperones?
Crossroads volunteers and parents will chaperone. Background checks, interviews and training sessions are required for all volunteers.

What is the ratio of volunteers to campers?
Approximately one chaperone for every five students will attend.

What will they eat at Camp?
Meals will be prepared by the campground staff and served cafeteria style. If your student has dietary restrictions, please note that on your registration. The Camp chef will be provided with information about dietary restrictions and will make every effort to provide options that that meet your students needs.

Where will students sleep at Camp?
Camp offers dorm rooms and cabins where 8-35 students and volunteers will sleep. Students will be grouped by gender, grade and Crossroads site where they attend.

My student wants to room with a student who attends another Crossroads site. Is that OK?
We encourage students to room with others from their site. This is a great way to deepen relationships with volunteers and students they’ll see each week in MSM and HS. If your student still wants to room with someone from another site, they will be assigned to that site if space is available. They will have to be dropped off and picked up from that site before and after Camp. They will also be in a small group with students from that site, and will sleep in cabins with students from that site.

Can my student drive themselves to Camp?
All students will meet at their site for check-in and will ride buses to Camp. Students will not be permitted to drive themselves to Camp.

Since the Camp is local, can my student leave to attend sports practice, doctor appointments, etc.?
Participating in the entire Camp experience is important. Students will not be permitted to come and go, and will remain at Camp for the whole time.

My student can’t attend the whole time. Can they still come?
Unless there is an emergency, students are expected to be at Camp the entire time.

Money FAQ:

How much does it cost?
The cost of Camp is $450, BUT the earlier you sign up the better your price is. If the deposit is paid by February 12, the cost is $375. After this date our prices begin to increase. Visit for details.

How do I register?
The registration link can be found at starting December 14th at 12pm. Payments must be made online. Registration is not complete until the required deposit is is paid.

What if I don’t have the money to go to Camp?
We do not want finances to be a barrier for your student to attend. A limited amount of funds are available for financial assistance. Click HERE for steps to apply for assistance. A reduced non-refundable deposit of $50 is required at the time of registration.

Are deposits refundable?
Deposits are NOT refundable and are NOT tax deductible. View the for Cancellation, Refund and Transfer Policy.

Volunteers FAQ:

How do I volunteer to be a leader at Camp
Click here to apply to volunteer. All volunteers will go through a background check, application, screening and interview process.

What is the cost to attend as a leader?
We know that time away from your family and your job is a sacrifice, so there is no charge for volunteers to attend.

Can I volunteer for a partial week?
Relationships are really important at Camp. Because of this, volunteers must be able to commit to attending the entire time that our campers are at Camp. Serving for a partial week is not an option. We will have a few opportunities to help with registration at Camp or with some behind the scenes work at Camp. If you’d like to assist in that way, please email for more info.