Parent Resources

It can be hard to raise kids. No one around here’s pretending.

But it can also be thrilling, and your best life experience ever. Right now, you have the chance to deeply impact your kids, and we have the chance to go alongside and help out. We care about your kids, and we care just as much about you.
Above all, we strive to create a place for your kids to have fun and grow spiritually with Jesus. So we use some jaw-dropping and eye-popping experience to show kids what God’s abundant love feels like. And we make sure they feel safe and secure at the same time.

Age appropriate games, activities, skits, songs and videos are all part of a typical hour during the weekend experience. We explore differences in backgrounds, beliefs, values and lifestyles, but stay rooted in our beliefs of biblical truth.

Kids’ Club

Click here to view current lessons the kids are experiencing in Kids’ Club. You can also find Kids’ Club videos that you can watch together as a family and download music you can all sing along to.

Middle School & High School

Parents are the single most influential people in teens’ lives. Period. So our biggest desire is to partner with you, whatever way we can, to point them towards God. So you may ask how to go about doing that? Bring them to the weekend experience. You can drop them off, or stay and talk to us about what you’re thinking.

We like serious adventure, close community and getting deep about how God fits into this whole life thing. It’s not your typical youth group…and we are not going to entertain you; it’s a movement to change the world through God’s love, a social experiment to make our city and our world a better place.

For more info, jump over to our Middle School or High School page.

Special Needs

Kids’ Club ministries are for ALL kids, regardless of their personality, energy level or special needs. All kids with unique needs are paired with their own personal “buddy”—an adult volunteer that will work with the parents to develop a specific plan for the child, so they can participate as fully as possible. Let us know how we can help. Visit or email.


If your child is ready to be baptized, let’s talk about it. We’re excited about being on this journey with you. Click here.

Building Community

Find other parents who are in a place you’re at. Join a Group. Maybe you need someone who understands kids with special needs, what it’s like being a single parent, or how your childhood is now affecting the life of your own child.