Same Mission. New Look & Language.

Crossroads has been a force for positive world change since the late ’90s. Aggressively running after those in need. Well, it’s the ‘20s and it’s time our outsides looked more like our insides. Our new brand identity is a reflection of what we’ve always stood for and the bold aggressive action of our community.

We also believe that God has designed Crossroads to be a Spiritual Outfitter™ who inspires, equips, and guides people who want to explore faith and go on the adventure they were born for –-to change the world.

a short history

We’ll keep this short because we know you don’t care that much. The reality is, the Crossroads brand has evolved a bunch of times over the years. We’ve gone from stonewashed to skinny jeans. Sure, this new look is the boldest evolution yet, but what else would you expect from a place hell-bent on world change?

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“Faith” by its very nature is an exercise in adventure. The Bible is chock full of stories of people stepping into crazy adventures of faith. If this new look reminds you of Bear Grylls rappelling off the Northface in Patagonia shorts that’s no accident. We’re not a “camping church”, but we are dedicated to risk, action, and movement. That doesn’t happen in a La-Z-Boy.

the trail marker

If you’re still reading this I’m guessing you’ve been around Crossroads for a while (or you have a logo fetish). For the past 14 years, you’ve seen a little X in a circle icon thingy. We call it ‘the screwhead” because it looks like the top of a Phillips-head screw. You know it as the button you tap on your iPhone to close windows. Not exactly inspirational. We call the new X The Trail Marker. It’s bold and forward moving, just like us.

Since the dawn of social media, the shorthand for Crossroads has been “CRDS”. That’s pronounced “curds”, like cheese curds. Which is gross. A brand refresh meant we could take another swing at the shorthand game. We landed on “CRSRDS”, which is pronounced “Crossroads”. Turns out the guy who came up with CRDS was from Wisconsin, his resume is trending on ZipRecruiter.

let's do
this thing

Crossroads isn’t going anywhere. We’re doubling down on our mission to partner with God in his effort to make earth look more like heaven. Whether that’s in our backyard, our neighborhood, our nation, or our world. We’re committed, now more than ever, to be a training ground for those who want to take a swing at making a difference. You might say that Crossroads exists to equip people for the fight. We call it being a spiritual outfitter™ for those on the adventure of faith.
It’s going to be a wild ride.